About Us

Safety Consulting Services, LLC is a safety consulting and training business, "Where Your Safety is Our Concern".

Safety Consulting Services, LLC is owned and opeated by Scott Hunter, a retired Firefighter with 30 years of service and he is also a Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and has been continously certifed as an EMT for 38 years.

Scott is well-versed in all aspects of Firefighting and EMS and plans to use his vast wealth of knowledge, skills and abilities, to provide the best high-qualtiy training to his clients.

Scott was recenlty certified as a COVID-19 Compliance Officer and can assist your business or organization return safely to work by providing guidence, temperature and wellness checks of your employees or staff.

Our Mission Statement:
Safety Consulting Services, LLC aims to provide high-quality, relevant, and current training to our customers and clients by using experienced, qualified, and knowledgeable instructors at a reasonable cost.

Our Core Values:
Safety Consulting Services, LLC believes in being:
* Well - trained
* Relevant
* Experienced
* Knowledgeable
In all aspects of the services we provide.